Best Power Bank for Smartphones for 2017

These days smartphones are the most indispensable parts of our lives. But we all have the same problem with our smartphones that is low battery life, which leaves us desiring more. So finally I have decided to choose one of the best power banks which never fails to keep my phone’s battery awake.
best power bank for Smartphones

Indian market is flooded with so many brands and types that it is really confusing to choose the best power bank. So I thought that I should write a guide book to help you purchase the best power bank for Smartphones.
These parameters are all you need to keep in mind while selecting a power bank for your smartphone.

Type of Battery

There are two main battery types; Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer.
Lithium Polymer is the new advanced form of a battery, made of aluminum plastic casing. A little expensive as compared to lithium ion, it is lighter in weight, and has better safety features and performance. On the other hand Lithium ion, ( 18650 Lithium Battery) which is 65 mm in length with a diameter of 18 mm, is cylindrical in shape and, despite being old school is still popular due to its low price. The efficiency of a power bank can be measured by its capacity to provide multiple charges to your device.

best power bank for Smartphones

“So it’s better to go for Lithium Polymer batteries instead of lithium ion as they are safe, more lightweight and better quality”

Best Power Bank for Smartphones | Our Picks

Capacity – Bigger is always better

The capacity mentioned on the product is in terms of mAh which is not a real indication of the actual usage capacity. Generally, one has to factor in the leakage and voltage conversion. The actual available power would be 20-30% of the indicated mAH. So a 5600mAh battery would have a usable capacity of 4400mAH. This is the basis against which requirements must be calculated So bigger is always better but portability should also be kept in mind while buying a power bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.    What is the  current smartphone battery capacity ?

Your smartphone’s current battery capacity is a very important factor to consider while choosing a power bank. With the aforementioned method of calculating the actual usage capacity of a power bank, you can make an informed decision.

Battery Capacity:

Moto G (3rd Generation)–2470mAh
Nexus 6 – 3220mAh
Lenovo P1m Vibe – 3900mAh
Honor 7 – 3100mAh
Mi4i – 3120mAh
One Plus One– 3100mAh
Galaxy On7 – 3000 mAh
Nexus 5 – 2300mAh
iPhone 6/6s -1715mAh

Q2.    What is mAh?

mAh is short for milliAmp/hours. It’s a measurement of the amount of energy the battery can store.

Q3.    If a smartphone cell is 1200mAh, does this means a 4800mAh power bank can charge it 4 times full charge?
No, it does not translate directly into four times the usage time for the device with a ratio of 1:3. There is a calculation formula for the approx device charge per cycle for a single power bank charge. 4800mAh is only an indication of how long the device can recharge itself from the battery. All these factors will depend on the power bank cell quality,actual cell capacity, cell PCB board design and it’s efficiency.

Output ports and Ampere output

brand-tasamrong-1089986_960_720Most power banks come with a single output port, letting you charge 1 device at a time. Some devices like the Portronics charge 2– 12000 mAh comes with 2 charging ports. If your powerbank has 2 charging points like the Portronics Charge 2, the second one should be higher ( for example 2.1A) and can be used to charge your iPad.

Led Indicator

Led Indicator helps in knowing the charging level of the device. This is quite helpful while the device is in ‘charging’ mode. Any best power bank for Smartphones should have a led indicator to show current charge levels.

best power bank for SmartphonesCertifications

To be shielded from fake power banks it’s very important to choose a credible option. Generally, Power Banks with FCC , CE, ROHS certifications are the best.

Sales service

Before buying, please check the warranty period & nearby service center locations. There are many Chinese companies flooding the Indian market that do not have service centres in India. The best power bank for Smartphones will offer you at least one year warranty. One should also check the type of warranty being offered.

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Some of the best power bank brands for smartphones in India include Sony, Asus, Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, Philips, and Belkin. These are currently the best quality brands with a great network of service centres across India.

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