Top 5 Gadgets Every Music Lovers should have

Top 5 Gadgets for Music Lovers

With 40 million subscribers on Spotify, the music industry has continually grown and evolved and with the change from CD players to mp3 files Technology has continued to play a significant role in the growth and development of the music Industry. However, any audiophile knows there exists a certain way to enjoy and immerse yourself in the music completely. So, keeping this in mind we have compiled a list of must-have technological devices for any audiophile to enjoy the music thoroughly.

Wireless Headphones (Bose QuietComfort-35 Wireless Headphones)

Gadgets for Music

Priced at just over Rs.29000 the Bose Quiet Comfort-35 offer the best sound experience on the market and with a battery life of just over 20 hours they can easily satisfy the users’ needs for excellent sound quality. Just in case though you run out charge, the headphones can be used with a wired cable that Bose has included in the purchase bundle. With a stable Bluetooth connection and active noise cancelling these headphones remain the best option on the market for a discernible TV.

Wireless Speakers (Harman Kardon Omni 10 Wireless Loudspeakers)

Gadgets for Music

Priced a little under Rs.19000 the Harman Kardon Omni 10 Wireless Loudspeakers allow the user to set up multiple streams using the same and with the ability to One Touch Follow Me feature the speaker tends to direct the sound in the direction of the user. With the option to carry out HD streaming the audio output is clear and loud. Highly recommended for an audiophile’s home.

Home Theatre System (Philips HTD5580/94 Home Theatre)

Gadgets for Music

Priced around Rs.18500 and complete with Surround Sound 5.1 for greater immersion and the ability to be compatible with all files and formats available makes this the best Home theatre system on the market and with Bluetooth Connectivity for wireless playback. The ability to stream HD content using an HDMI connection offers greater playback options. Included within this home theatre system is a capacity to have endless Karaoke parties.

TV Soundbar (Philips HTL2163B/12 Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker)

Gadgets for Music

Costing a little over Rs.10500 the Philips HTL2163B/12 Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker can be used for Sound Enhancement as it offers Virtual Surround Sound and a greater sound experience for users looking to avoid the multiple speaker set-ups. The ability to connect using Bluetooth allows a more seamless user experience.

Ultra-Portable Speaker (JBL Clip 2)

With a built-in Li-ion battery that offers a charge capacity of up to Gadgets for Music8 hours and an entirely waterproof design, the Clip 2 can be carried anywhere. The Speaker can be connected using Bluetooth or an integrated audio cable. Weighing in at 187g the small size and its ease of usage makes it one of the best options for portable sound. Priced around Rs.3900 and can be bought from various online stores.

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