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With the fast moving world and everyone trying to save time, smartwatches are one of the solutions available, buying guide but before you buy the best smartwatch for you, we present buying guide of the smartwatches.

What is a Smartwatch?

lg-webos-smartwatch-audiA smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch with functionality that is enhanced beyond timekeeping. While early models can perform basic tasks, such as calculations, translations, and game-playing, fashionable smartwatches are effectively wearable computers. It can connect to your phone and hence can provide many functions useful in daily life. They act as a companion to your smartphone by delivering alerts, notifications, apps and more right to your wrist. They can even double as activity trackers. Almost all the smartwatches nowadays can be connected through Bluetooth, Android system, IOS or by apps to your smartphone.

Smartwatches require pairing to a smartphone for notification functionality. It’s important to understand that not all smartwatches will work with all smartphones. Most smartwatches are compatible with an Android or iOS device, or sometimes both. Some smartwatches have their operating systems which will work with specific devices of the same brand. Hence you should make sure that your phone should be compatible with the Smartwatch you are planning to buy.

For example, Apple watch can be connected to iPhone only, so Apple watch is much more useful for an iPhone user than Android users.

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One of the most questions that comes in your mind while buying a smartwatch is that what all features should we keep in mind during the purchase of a smartwatch? So here are few points which will help you to choose the smartwatch best suitable for you.

1. Style and display

There are different styles and displays available in the market as a different type of straps and materials. You should capture67make sure that you choose the best for your use and with which you are comfortable everyday. Some key features about the Display & Battery of your smartwatch to keep in mind are

  • OLED (organic light emitting diode) and AMOLED (active-matrix organic light emitting diode) displays work without a backlight, individually illuminating each pixel, producing deep blacks and high contrast ratios.,OLED screens can display single, multi- or full color, while AMOLED is always a full-color display. LCD (liquid-crystal display) screens with reflective designs typically perform well in sunlight and other bright settings.  If you want bright pin-sharp visuals, such as the ones you get with the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices, your smartwatch will last two days at best. It’s a simple choice about what’s most important to you.
  • If you want longer battery (between a week and a month) then manufacturers have to sacrifice screen quality, so you’ll get e-paper or low energy LCD as we’ve seen on the Mi Band 2, Pebble, Garmin Vivoactive.

2. Is it water resistant?


If you are an adventurous person and like outdoor activities like running or biking, you would want a smartwatch which is water-resistant. A watch stamped with “Water Resistantmeans that it is humidity-protected. It can endure a few water splashes from washing your hands or being caught in the rain. However, water resistance does not mean you should swim or shower with your watch on.

  3. Chemically strengthened glass

cgg_glasstypes-srplusWatches with durable glass, such as Corning Gorilla Glass, are built to handle the wear and tear of daily life, so you don’t have to worry about scratches, dust or other damage. Gorilla Glass is a brand of specialized toughened glass developed and manufactured by Corning, now in its fifth generation, designed to be thin, light and damage-resistant.

4. Interaction with the watchsmart watch

There can be two types of watches; touchscreen and with button operation. Button operated smartwatches are generally like a traditional wristwatch watch, while touchscreen watches have more features and easy to work.


5. Fitness tracking

nm-fitness-tracker-featureAs fitness trackers continue to attract attention, smartwatch makers are getting in on the action by integrating activity-monitoring functions. Some smartwatches depend on your smartphone for activity tracking, but most at least have a built-in pedometer for tracking steps.
Most Android Wear devices have a heart rate monitor built in, but we haven’t found them to be reliable. They are good for measuring heart rate occasionally but fail to follow your heart beat on a constant basis during an intensive workout. If you are really serious about your fitness regime, then go for a Fitness Band. Read: Top 5 Fitness Band

6. Apps Compatibility

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-00-04-25Different apps like phone tracker, maps, notifications, digital clocks and many more apps can come on your wrist. Yes, some smartwatches provide apps and widgets in your watch. While in most cases smartwatches run paired to a phone, they still have app stores which enable you to add to the core features of the watch – just like a smartphone.

Apple iOS Store have already more than 15,000+ compatible apps which can function on your wrist watch. This includes Games, Productive apps, Uber & Taxi apps, etc.

Google Play store has fastest growing apps thanks to open community for developing Android Wear apps. The number has already crossed 8,000+ and still counting. The only challenge is to find out more quality apps as compared to iOS store.

The Pebble watches boast an array of apps made by a community of loyal and enthusiastic developers; the Pebble app ecosystem means compatibility for more than 13,000 apps.

Which one is best for you?

smart watch

If you are buying a smartwatch which is fashionable and provides you some simple functions, then prefer a smartwatch which looks like a traditional watch. Always make sure that the smartwatch can connect to your device because without connectivity you won’t be able to enjoy most of the features.
If you are not much touch friendly, preferably go for the smartwatch with button operation. If you are sporty and love fitness, then make sure that your smartwatch is water resistant and has the fitness tracking system. Technology lovers should make sure they buy a smartwatch which has apps as it would be great to have almost everything on your wrist. In the end, buy one which suits your budget and daily needs.

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