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Movpak a small crowdfunded company seeks to revolutionize the way we travel and use our luggage. Often travellers have to take a taxi for the journey from their homes to reach the airport. The small amount of distance is the targeted area for Movpak.

MovpakThe small company seeks to replace the average luggage with a small bag that can transform into a skateboard. The skateboard extends from the base of the bag with the back of the bag providing support for better balancing. The skateboard is charged electrically and is easy to use. It was easy even for the average consumer who has never used a skateboard in their life. It also retracted into the base of the bag make this bag a must has for trailers.

The bag offers additional functionality such as the ability to charge various devices through USB connections. It is powered by the two large electric motors that is also used to move the skateboard at 20mph. With more additional features such as GPS tracking and headlights for better visibility this bag does seem to want to do it all.

As far as the availability of the bag is concerned the project is only in its crowdfunding source with the company collecting funds online for a strong product launch. One criticism against Movpak is the lack of a clear vision of the product. The company is promising greater connectivity through NFC and Bluetooth.

MovpakThe ease of the Movpak with which it can quickly transform into an additional safeguard. It becomes really easy to use the luggage. While this may seem exciting Movpak need to develop a genuine product and release it to the market before adding various features such as Bluetooth.
Another disadvantage is the weight of the bag. It weighs 7.7 kg when empty and which could take a toll on the back. The Company is also working on a bag with a pop out handle which can be used to drag the bag on the ground.

Trishla Gupta

Trishla Gupta

Editor at Techczar
Trishla Gupta is studying B.Com (hnrs) from Delhi University.She has myriad interests, writing being just one of them. She is a cricket enthusiast who also has interests in politics , business, and philosophy. She dreams of travelling the world and tasting the platters it has to offer.
Trishla Gupta

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