Lenovo C+ | The Phone that Bends

We all were fascinated by the edge versions launched by Samsung last year, but Lenovo has something more fascinating. The Lenovo C+ can flex around your wrist. Yes right, the phone is so flexible that you can wear it like a slap bracelet around your wrist.

lenovo_bendphone_layoutLenovo launched this concept model at the latest Tech World Conference in San Francisco. The C+ concept will be available in 2 sizes, a tablet size, and a smartphone size. The hardware and battery used in this phone are also bendable which is very surprising. The slap-bracelet wrist-phone has hinges that allow the bracelet to articulate. The non-bendable electronic guts placed in the gaps along the phone where there are no hinges.

lenovo_bendphone_33Lenovo claims that even with all these hinges, a device like this would not be much heavier or thicker than a typical smartphone. The company did not reveal much about the specifications. It will have a 4.26-inch display and will be available in 12 different colors, and operating system will be Android.

lenovo_bendphone_11The price of this phone is still not fixed yet, but it might cost a little more than usual smartphones. We definitely can’t wait for this technology to enter the market but the launch date is not so soon as the phone is still in the development stage.

Shreya Kalra

Shreya Kalra

Content Writer at Techczar
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Shreya Kalra

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