Meet Khabri | Are you still Reading News ?

With a plethora of news apps the release of a new one should hardly garner new coverage but Khabri manages to deliver the same news with a new twist: News read out aloud.

Image2The app has a clear layout and is very easy to configure and use. This leaves the user free time to engage in other activities.This unique method of delivery really makes the app shine in a world dominated by traditional apps where there has been little or no change in the method of providing the news to the consumer. The app design is also easy to use where the user can filter the type of news ranging from sports, entertainment, to world and local news.

Image1The short and concise format of the news is crisp and can be accessed easily. The method of presentation, the short flash cards are easy to follow and the news is read out aloud and can be understood by listeners of various capabilities . Also, the option to download and save the articles is a welcome addition.
However, the app could do more with options for the language as it can become stale for the users and more options might offer the users some variation in the usage.


  • Compatibility: Compatible with cars’ audio system & Bluetooth speakers.
  • Create Playlist: Articles can be added to the playlist. The playlist can be further edited as per the user’s convenience.
  • Single Tap to listen to Top Stories: Just single tap to listen to all the top stories of the day or latest stories of a specific category.
  • Notifications: Option to show the currently playing article or to jump to next/previous articles, close the app from notification bar.

Pros :

Human Voice: News are read by various voice-over artists and the voice feels natural not electronically generated.
User friendly and very helpful: Simple and easy to use design
Data friendly : Optimized audio format to enable the best audio quality with minimum data usage.


App needs more options to target a wider audience base
App should target on adding support for various regional languages.

Naman Chhabra

Naman Chhabra

Content Writer at Techczar
Naman currently is pursuing his bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University, Noida. When not worried about his future you can find him exploring a cave in SkyRim or Raising hell on Battlefield 4.
Naman Chhabra

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