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Have you ever wondered how much do you spend daily ?
If your salary also disappear in 10 days and you are completely clueless about your expenses then read this interesting article and have full control on your spends.

Most of us use their credit cards, debit cards or Net Banking to make payments for our purchases online or offline and generally tend to spend more than what we thought by looking at the bank statements at the end. Everyone wish to maintain a daily records of all monetary transactions but hardly we don’t get that much time to maintain a log book. I personally use Walnut App to maintain and track all my financial transaction. I try to keep a tab on my expenses and always track my monthly spends in various heads like Food, Electricity, Fuel, Movies, I saved  a lot of my hard earned money just by tracking my spend activities and stopping the junk ones. It also gives you complete control on your expenses and accounts.

Walnut App Review | Money Saving Tips

walnutWalnut, is an Android based personal expenses manager that tracks your daily expenses, bank accounts, credit cards, bills and lots more. This one single app magically help users manage all their financial data at one place, it also provides smart insights and intuitive visualizations about your expenses.

(All below Screenshots are original and personal usage of my walnut app. Don’t reproduce without permission. copyright protected)


Walnut Screenshot#1

Walnut Screenshot #1

This screenshot shows my monthly expenses at a snapshot. It shows the past record of at least 6 months and trends on how I’m doing with respect to my goal budget. You can manually set a target of monthly budget and walnut app will give your alerts when you cross your target budget. This screenshot also shows my recent spends on KFC Restaurant, Starbucks and my spends done via Paytm wallet. You can click any month expense and it will show you detailed expense pie-chart different category wise as showed in Screenshot #3. Every spend entry provide option to manually label the spend, add a photo of receipt or warranty & show original SMS also.



Walnut Screenshot#2

Walnut Screenshot #2

This screenshot shows my Top Five Spends at a snapshot. You can even deep dive further by clicking any spend to know monthly report for that particular transaction. It also shows the past record of at least 6 months and trends on how I’m doing with respect to particular selected transaction. App also provide various #hashtags to club and mark some recurring expenses like Fuel, Electricity bills, school fees, etc. You can also manually create the tags to better align your similar spends. It also provide option to manually enter the cash spends. You can also split any expense between your friends and calculate a exact share of your amount to pay.



Walnut Screenshot #3

Walnut Screenshot #3

This screenshot shows a pie-chart of my monthly expenses under various categories like Bills, Entertainment, Food & Drinks, Fuel, Groceries, Health, Shopping & Travel. You can also manually create any new head as per requirement. What I like most about this app is that i can track even my small expenses also like groceries or electricity bills. It provide better control over my expenditure and let me decide how much to spend on what. App mostly recognize all spends correctly but in some cases you need to guide a proper head for your spend. You can simply click any of category and it will display your past 6 months records for same category. This particular feature is great to track some recurring spends like fuel, electricity bills & groceries. You can see proper trends and catch any abnormal spends also.


Walnut Screenshot #4

Walnut Screenshot #4

Another excellent feature of this app is Reminders & Accounts which keep a record of all upcoming bills due dates like credit cards, Telephone bills etc so that you don’t miss any due date and avoid late charges. It also shows any upcoming flight, train or movie tickets. Accounts keep a track of all your balance  so that you don’t have to login individual accounts to know balance. It shows your bank accounts, credit cards and any online wallet like paytm or mobikwik.




Another excellent feature of this app is Insights which after continuous usage of 2-3 months will generate lot of info-graphics on basis of your spend patterns and details. So for me its showing, I spends 90% more on weekends, I spend most in 3rd week of month & my top spending categories are shopping and travel.

The best part about Walnut is that it does everything by just reading your SMS messages coming from banks and ticketing. That means it give whole detailed summary of where you have spent your money in the whole month and you don’t have to read through all the SMSs to find a particular transaction.

Also there’s no need to connect your bank accounts. Generally some people feel insecure by attaching their bank accounts with such apps. Most important feature of the app is it works on its own without much interference. You don’t need to give any inputs of your transactions and expenditure to the app, this is why the app stands apart from other money manager apps. It starts working the moment you download it.

Business FAQ

Q1. What is Walnut?

Walnut is your smart personal digital assistant that just works. Walnut is always in auto-mode and deeply understands your SMS Inbox. It provides intuitive visualizations and smart insights.

Q2. Does Walnut read my personal messages?

Walnut only looks at messages coming from businesses like Banks, Merchants, etc. It does not look at or analyze your personal communication, i.e. anything coming from a 10-digit Mobile Number.

Q3. Does Walnut have access to my bank account?

No. Walnut is just a view on your SMS inbox. It cannot access your bank account.

Q4. Do you upload SMS’ or transaction data?

Walnut securely transmits and saves your messages from businesses on our secure servers, only if you have backup enabled. This helps you recover the data when you have to change or reset your phone. Walnut does not share this information with anyone.
When you categorize a spend, anonymized merchant data is sent to the server. No transaction data is sent.

Q5. Which platforms does Walnut support?

For now, Walnut is available only on Android.

Walnut is available only on Android platform, developers need to consider about iOS, Windows and BlackBerry users also in coming time. This app works great and will help you to categorize your expenses according to banks, credit cards and merchants. There are thousands of expense manager apps like Smart Budget, Daily Expense Manager and Financius. Many of them offer similar functionalities with little changes here and there, but Walnut overtakes the others as it goes a step ahead in the SMS analysis feature. It’s great and really useful.

So download Walnut from Google Play Store to take complete control on your spends.

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