Can Hoverboard be the future of modern transport system?


Newly in terms “hoverboard” is a portable, rechargeable battery – powered scooter. The device is controlled by the rider’s feet, standing on the built-in gyroscopic sensor pads. At first look, one might be discouraged to use this smart electric scooter, but with a little practice and much balance, you will easily get used to it.
A hoverboard or its various other names given are attributable to the companies which distribute them and not their manufacturers. This self-balancing scooter is considered to be the most innovative means of transportation today.

What is a Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are usually powered by large lithium-ion batteries that can overheat or sometimes even explode under certain circumstances. However, most of these complaints and accidents are found in cheap and low – quality hoverboards that are available online. It is probably best to buy hoverboard from leading manufacturers and brands, which eliminate the chances of heat issues and accidents to a great extent.

Some of the famous big – name models include the like of IO Hawk, Segway, Moreover, Power Board and Phunkeeduck. The prices of these range from $400 to $1800, and the specifications and features vary with the price.

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The achievements associated with these technological advancements of hoverboard play a pivotal role in shaping and transforming our life and daily routine. The benefits of using this modern technology have overshadowed the risks and disadvantages coupled with its usage.

Hoverboard of Future?

Hoverboards will soon be more than just a transportation device as IO Hawk is working on a feature that will turn the self-balancing scooter into a Wi-Fi hotspot. This means consumers will be able to get Internet access anywhere when they are using their hoverboard. IO Hawk also says that in the coming time the users would be able to connect the hoverboard with their smartphone, and maybe send alerts to your phone when the hoverboard’s battery is running low. IO Hawk believes that Internet capabilities can transform how we view the overall functionality of hoverboards.

We may say that despite all the risk and dangers involved, none can argue with the fact that these hoverboards are the modern means of transportation which is efficient, enthralling and convenient that will be seen in a near about future leaving behind the cons and focusing on the pros which will enhance its specifications.

Sahar Siddiqui

Sahar Siddiqui

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Sahar is a cat person, loves to write about tech and some influencing social stories. She likes music and wannabee cook. Travelling and socialising are the spare time partners.
Sahar Siddiqui

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