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Nowadays People cannot imagine leaving their homes without a phone our phone usage pattern has also changed and we not only use it to keep in touch with others but also for quick information access. Several apps are trying to help users get instant information, and one such app is Haptik co-founded by Aakrit Vaish and Swapan Rajdev.

CaptureThe app seems very useful for “how-to” questions or questions about the way things work, but if you need real customer service you still need to get in touch with the actual company.
The most interesting thing about the app is the human interface though, as you’re speaking to an expert over text messaging, which is very convenient and real time. Basically they do all the work for you, and are good at it.

The one singular aim of Haptik is to simplify your lives, and get work done in the fastest possible time; which means we understand the things you do most often and then automate certain work for you making it’s completion a simple Yes or No away. To make that experience more immerse & personalized, the app is designed with two very unique features:

a. Genius Mode – The Genius Mode is designed to read through your transactional messages to remind you about important daily tasks. For eg: your next flight, reminder to pay your bills etc. We don’t get access to any personal or private messages, but the genius mode is to help us, help you better.

b. Manage Your Favorites – There are a few tasks that you do most frequently, and are essentially “your favorites” in the app. So to make sure you can complete these tasks in the fastest possible time, you can manage your favorites tab on the inbox screen of the app.

You can get below things done over messaging with Haptik:
  • Find the best mobile plan
  • File a complaint or service request
  • Web Check-in
  • Make a restaurant reservation
  • Find the best shopping deals & coupons
  • Check PNR or Train Status
  • Find Flight Schedules & Prices
  • Find Car or Bike Prices
  • Check Movie Timings

Haptik-Logo-HighResThe app is now available for usage across all of India. So download Haptik from Google Play Store. It is best for you if you are one of those who don’t have the time or patience to do things yourself. Now you have your own Personal Assistant, at your service, 24×7 working away until we get the job done for you! Best of all, the entire service is completely free & we make you feel #LikeABoss.

Prashant Raj

Prashant Raj

Founder at Techczar
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Prashant Raj

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