Android Nougat | Tastiest Android Ever Launched

Google has finally revealed the name of its next version of Android Nougat, the new version of the mobile operating system due out later this year. It is named after the popular confectionery made of sugar or honey with Nuts.The Company today showed off its new statue design, which features a green mascot standing atop three bars of the chewy confection.Android Nougat

Android, the operating system that rules over the smartphone world, has naming convention based on sweets. For instance Android K was KitKat, L was Lollipop and M Marshmallow. Using snapchat as one of the platform to reveal the name for the first time was quite interesting. Google CEO welcomed the new name and thanked those who helped pin point on the sweet choice.

However Lauren Goode, who lobbied hard for Nougat, is particularly happy because it’s the name of her cat. “While I can’t confirm whether Google named its new OS after a cat, I will say that we campaigned a lot for the new Android Nougat and are pleased with the results, “said Goode.

Android NougatBeyond the name, Android N is unique. The new features of Android Nougat are split screen multi window mode, new Data saver mode, a redesigned notification shade, improved and support for Daydream. Google’s new approach to virtual reality and tons of other improvement.

At I/O 2016 Google said Android Nougat will be available to download to the older Nexus devices soon after and other flagship Android devices will get the upgrade towards the end of the year or early 2017.

Google has shown off various statues representing the all desert named android versions, before revealing nougat statue.

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