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DrumiLaundry day shouldn’t take an entire day, should it? That’s what happens when you let clothes pile up for a week, two weeks, or month. This is the cycle Toronto-based startup Yirego is looking to stop with the Drumi, its portable washing machine that uses little water and works off the grid.

The new electricity free washing machine have come up keeping in mind about the three factors : available power ,water use and how much time you have. Living “off the grid” is about to get even easier now!
For meeting all above three factors Yirego has come up with a new machine powered by a Foot Pedal for people who wants to move farther off the grid. It is made out of 40 % recycled material making it a sustainable solution with very less impact on environment.

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This design challenges the public laundry experience as well as solves the hand wash only complications of delicate garments. It is not only more hygienic than public Laundromats, but also a fraction of time.

Benefits of Yirego Drumi washer


The Yirego Drumi is a 22 inches tall and weighing 15 pounds .It has no electrical components inside and spins when the pedal is pumped. It accommodate 5 pounds of clothes at a time which is ample for a 4 to 5 people at once. Each load requires 10 liters of water, five for wash cycle and five for the rinse. The total time taken is only about 6 minutes. By reducing the amount of water and energy needed, plus the volume of clothes washed per cycle, the Drumi is a time saver.

This awesome washer is available to pre-order from yirego.com and will be available to ship sometime in July 2016. The current indiegogo campaign is offering units for $ 200 as a part of a Black Friday Promotion and will be delivered in October 2016.

Trishla Gupta

Trishla Gupta

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Trishla Gupta

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