Drone Delivery – Logistics of New Era

A history marked with neck craning endeavors towards a technological revolution; advancements in science are pacing up with development and progress; “Amenities for a comfortable life” was engraved in and drove the minds of our innovative ancestors. Not for vandalism, a technological revolution was for comfort, and it was created to stay regardless of what arguments are put forward by the opposing school of thought. As our E-commerce continues to grow and thrive so do ventures in different paradigms of logistics. People want their goods to be delivered as quickly and safely as they made their online purchase. Unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV) or Drone Delivery is the future of logistics.

What is a Drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle?

“Is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard.”

An aircraft which is driven by a battery and is distant operated with a ground control unit with no human pilot. A UAV is defined as a “powered, aerial vehicle that does not carry a human operator, uses aerodynamic forces to provide vehicle lift, can fly autonomously or be piloted remotely, can be expendable or recoverable, and can carry a lethal or nonlethal payload.” Therefore, missiles are not considered UAVs because the vehicle itself is a weapon that is not reused, though it is also unmanned and in some cases remotely guided.

Currently, it is widely used in surveillance as a camera, but it was initially also used for food delivery in the United States by the name of Tacocopter but later FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), regulations banned the use. Amazon was the first to announce using quadcopter drones(See picture below) to deliver its packages in 30 minutes tops. These drones are continuously being modified and upgraded to increase both their capacity of carrying items/ weight as well as to enable quicker and safer delivery. E-commerce is increasingly finding ways to put its teeth into logistics and transportation which is a billion dollar industry itself. The only hurdle in between is the FAA.

Amazon drone delivery

Source: Amazon

Effects of Drone Delivery on Humankind

An increasingly sedentary lifestyle will be inevitable if this technology becomes operative. Why move out in the heat of the sun and the cold of sleet when things can fly to you? I for one would order junk food all day sitting in my bed and working on my laptop for a living. Wall-E, an animated film by Pixar shows what deleterious effects could happen if technology would care for all our needs.  Unemployment would be the second biggest problem that would arise because of drone automation, many delivery boys currently employed in E-Com or Pizza/Fast Food Delivery will be out. Not to mention this would be an increasingly expensive means of transport charging at the rate of per pound due to intensive energy requirements of the machine. The restriction of size/load delivery. Most can deliver 5- 7.5 kilograms. Energy inefficiency is another currently insurmountable factor.

The benefits of using this technology are speed and smooth delivery. The terrain and other such restrictions of start and end point are practically nonexistent so is the cost of hiring a human pilot. Moreover, it can fly to inaccessible places which are hard to reach by rail or road. Rural settings will benefit the most.

Drone Delivery of Pizza in Dubai

A complete turnover in the logistic framework will be the result when drone delivery comes to stay which it most inevitably will. No time wastage. Comfortable and safe delivery. A minimum expenditure of man power. Energy efficiency. Every purchase as far and tedious as the click of a button and every delivery at a time length of just thirty to thirty-five minutes away. Why would anyone give way or prefer the probability of human error when a mechanized precision service s at their disposal. People would prefer the easy and quick way.

As far as “ All the Evil With Drone Delivery  ” is considered, well if one wants to stay fit, if they have the will power to cut down junk and do their wallets and body a favor then no robot can stop them from doing so. We cannot blame our lethargy and stagnancy entirely on machines. Drone delivery will help to deliver medicines to the sick as quickly as possible. All the essentials will be delivered to their doorstep like a newspaper only the newspaper boy would be a drone. Technology will come to our rescue, and it will be a shield against extinction. A day will come when our innovations will be better able to curb their side effects and provide sustainability.

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