Bluetooth Speaker India | Buying Guide 2016

Music is the food of life and you need a good Bluetooth speaker India set to enjoy the music you play off your computer. With the explosion of digital music being available on the internet, you can now download your favorite songs directly to your computer, mobile phone or tablet. There are high-end and low-end speaker to match every budget and requirement. Speakers are made from different materials which enhance the quality of the sound produced by. Speakers come in different combinations with the most common being a 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1. The numbers tell how many speakers are there to every sub woofer.

Speakers come in different shapes and sizes, some made for desktop computers, others for laptops and smaller devices. There are larger speakers that are meant for professional musicians who need to hear every note played clearly. Most speakers are powered directly from a power point, while some of the smaller portable models are powered by USB or rechargeable batteries. Multimedia speakers are ideal for those who are looking to use them for entertainment purposes. Docking speakers are ones that allow phones or MP3 music players to connect to them directly through the docking station.

Before coming to which one you should buy it is important to know few features that are available and offered in different Bluetooth speaker India.

Wireless connectivity bluetooth speaker india

The first and the very obvious feature of Bluetooth speakers is their wireless connectivity. Wireless connectivity is through any device having Bluetooth, as the speakers are Bluetooth enabled. All these speakers can be charged and then carried anywhere.


     Easy to carry and usebluetooth speaker india

The portability of these speakers make it very user friendly and can be carried anywhere. There are some small sizes Bluetooth speakers available nowadays with good quality sound that can be used for traveling purpose.

Due to advanced technology these are not just the features available in the Bluetooth speakers.

There are some additional features also like:

Water- and weather-resistancebluetooth speaker india

Some Bluetooth speakers can survive stormy weather, spilled drinks, and drops into puddles making it easier for you. Even in pool or beach or outdoor adventures, a water-dirt or weather-resistant Bluetooth speaker will still play your favorite music. Some models are even submersible, so they are able to survive an accidental plunge into the pool or the lake.

 Charge your devicebluetooth speaker india

You don’t have to worry if you are traveling and there is no electricity port near you. Some Bluetooth speakers also offer charging to your device,that means that if you run out of your mobile phone’s battery then the battery of your Bluetooth speaker can charge your phone.


 Pair multiple speakers

bluetooth speaker indiaIf you can pairs multiple speakers then that means more sound and more reach. During tracking or outdoor get together, where people are traveling in groups there is a need of pairing multiple speakers, and some Bluetooth speakers offer this feature.

Speakerphonebluetooth speaker india

Bluetooth speakers have built in microphone which converts them into a speakerphone. With a speakerphone setting anyone can easily take calls. This feature is useful while taking conference calls and when someone needs to hear more clear voice.


 Which one is good to buy ? bluetooth speaker india

Bluetooth speakers nowadays are in everyone’s shopping list and here we  are presenting you the buying-guide of Bluetooth speaker india which may help you to choose the best Bluetooth speaker for you

  • If you like to travel more and you are buying a Bluetooth speaker for the same you should look for one which is water and weather-resistance. This will help you to enjoy your traveling without worrying much. Also make sure that it has a good battery life.
  • If you want a Bluetooth speaker for family get-together or for a party with your friends,then go for the speakers which can connect with multiple devices, as this will help in a larger group of people.
  • If you like to travel in remote area, or like trekking then go for speakers which can charge your phone as it will help you to never run out of battery.
  • If you are planning to buy it for your home then you can have a big size Bluetooth speaker whose sound can cover your living area, if you want to carry your speaker then avoid bulky or large models,go for something medium sized with good quality.
  • If you have frequent calls from office, or you want to attend calls with your speakers make sure it has an inbuilt microphone, this will make your working easier.

Which Brand to Buy ?

Buy speakers from leading brands like Altec Lansing, Corsair, Creative, Edifier, HP, JBL, Philips, Razer, Sony, Sound Logic and Zebronics. Choose the best speaker that fits your budget and good service center presence from Flipkart or Amazon extensive catalog.

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