Buying Guide: How to Buy Fitness Band in India ?

Everyone is now giving health & fitness very importance be it to lose weight, or just monitor your activity levels, a fitness tracker can be a great starting point, but picking the right one can be difficult. Therefore we present our simplified guide for how to buy fitness band in India ?

The first question which would come in your mind would be

Why do I need a fitness band?

buy fitness band in india

Fitness trackers will track your daily activity in terms of steps and calories burned through movement. You set a goal of how active you want to be and they will give you a rough guide as to how successful you are.
There is a huge variety of fitness bands available, from different shapes and sizes and brands available.


There are few things you should keep in mind when you buy fitness band in India :

1.    Know Your Goals

buy fitness band in indiaBefore you purchase a fitness tracker, you should know what you can do with it while being realistic about your goals. Fitness trackers motivate people to exercise more and live a healthier lifestyle.If you like a particular activity, like swimming, make sure the activity tracker and the software are compatible for that. Those new to exercise, or those just looking to move more, will get everything they need from basic trackers that track steps and calories. However, those who are regularly active will want a device with more advanced features, such as heart rate monitoring or sleep tracking.

2.    Choose the right design

While most trackers wrap around your wrist, there are dongles that clip on to your clothing and can be more comfortable to wear. Wrist strap devices are most common some have LED display while others take a screen-less, minimal approach.

3.    Water resistant

buy fitness band in india

If swimming is one of your main forms of exercise, you’ll obviously need a waterproof fitness tracker. But it’s also something to consider if you just want a device you don’t have to worry about when taking a shower or doing the washing up. In our experience every time you take an activity tracker off, there’s a chance to forget to put it back on, and that means inaccurate tracking that day.

4.    Smart features

buy fitness band in india


Some fitness trackers will notify you of incoming calls or messages on your wrist, so you don’t need to stop and get your phone out. A couple also allows you to do things like remotely control music playback on your phone.Others boast features which might allow you to leave your phone at home when you go for a workout. This could be thanks to local storage for your workout music or the ability to control external devices such as action cameras.

5.    Compatibility

Fitness trackers are designed to sync with your smartphone, but you should know whether a given device will work with your handset. Most fitness trackers sync with iOS and Android, but Windows Phone compatibility is rare.

6.    Applications

Most fitness trackers have a companionbuy fitness band in india app that holds all your synced data, and some additional features. Food logging is a big one; many apps let you keep track of your diet by estimating the calories and nutritional facts of all the food you input.
It’s always wise to check the comments from users of the app, and of course never make a purchase without reading our reviews first.

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7.    Display screen & Size

Opt for a band with a built-in display and you can keep an eye on the time and your fitness goals without firing up a phone app. If you think that while exercising you would be able to handle touchscreen then go for LED or OLED display, if you want rough and tough use then go for button operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.    The difference between smartwatch and fitness bands ?

buy fitness band in india

There’s a lot of confusion over what makes a fitness tracker versus a smartwatch. Currently, fitness trackers focus on collecting and measuring health data. Smartwatches, on the other hand, are primarily designed to provide smartphone notifications, though many also offer fitness tracking features, otherwise there is no as such difference.

Q2.   What are the basic features every fitness band should have ?
Steps tracking

A simple way to track your activity level is by logging the number of steps you take. The most accurate way to track your steps is with an accelerometer or GPS. With this type of tracker, you have more options of where it can be worn — from in a pocket to around your neck or on your wrist. Some activity trackers can also calculate your calories burned using this information and/or personal data

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitoring technology has shifted up a gear and now these monitors and HRM running watches are no casual fitness trackers. With new devices offering optical heart rate monitoring on the wrist, and good old chest straps becoming laden with an incredible array of sensors, you can now get a detailed picture of your fitness and running form, which will lead to faster times and reduced risk of injury.

Stairs climbed

Some activity trackers feature a built-in altimeter to record how many steps you’ve climbed each day. This is another way to monitor your activity and meet a fitness goal. Some activity trackers can also calculate your calories burned using this information and/or personal data.

Distance traveled

Keeping track of your distance traveled is another way to work toward your fitness goals for activities like running, cycling and hiking. A variety of activity trackers can calculate the distance you’ve traveled through an accelerometer or GPS.

Calorie counting

Activity trackers calculate calories burned in a variety of ways. Using your heart rate to determine this is one of the more accurate ways because it takes into account your personal exertion. Other trackers use their own equation to calculate this value — based on steps logged and/or stairs climbed. You might also input your weight and/or age to create a more custom calculation.

Sleep quality and alarm clocks

Many trackers with an accelerometer can also monitor your movement to determine sleep patterns. Some trackers require that you change to sleep mode to do this. With this information, trackers will give you a description of sleep quality based on your patterns. You can also find trackers with a silent alarm that will vibrate to wake you up.

Tracking progress online

Making it even easier to follow your progress, some trackers can download your information to a tablet, smartphone or laptop. You’ll find trackers that use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to transfer information, whereas others download information via USB. Once the information is downloaded, apps can analyze your progress, offer personalized workout plans, compare stats with friends, and more. Apps are created for a variety of operating systems, so you’ll want to make sure the tracker’s app works with your tablet or smartphone’s operating system (such as Android, iOS, etc).

Q3.    What is the battery life of a fitness brand ?

Battery life is often an important factor when it comes to mobile devices, but this isn’t quite as important when it comes to fitness bands. With some exceptions, the majority of fitness bands will offer several days of run time. And in some cases you will be able to get a week, or even two weeks between charges.

Q4.    What best Brands are available for buying a fitness band ?
buy fitness band in india

Currently Indian market is flooded with wide number of options. Some of the premium brands for fitness bands are; FitBit, Jawbone, Xiaomi, Sony, GoQii, Garmin, , Fitgen and many more. Choose a brand which has good presence in your local region in terms of service center and support. You can buy fitness band online from Amazon or Flipkart at great discounts and offers.

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