Driverless Cars | Are Self-Driving Cars Finally Ready for Consumers?

From brick like phones to touch screens; from chest sized televisions to paper thin LCDs; the last two decades have been a whirlwind of mega advancements. The latest one, however, trumps everything. Ever felt like the commute back home was too cumbersome and you’d rather

Best 4G LTE Smartphone below Rs 10000 India 2017

Picking the right Smartphone according to our need and budget is a tricky job especially when there are so many phones lining the shelves. 4G has become the buzz of the smartphone world and hence to help you make the right choice, we have filtered

Best Smartphones under Rs 15,000 in India 2017 | Review

Looking for some premium smartphones under the range of 15K? Well, here are we to give a brief summary through which it would be easier for you to choose among a wider market of products. Here not only the features and specifications of the phones

best power bank for Smartphones

Best Power Bank for Smartphones for 2017

These days smartphones are the most indispensable parts of our lives. But we all have the same problem with our smartphones that is low battery life, which leaves us desiring more. So finally I have decided to choose one of the best power banks which

Can Hoverboard be the future of modern transport system?

Newly in terms “hoverboard” is a portable, rechargeable battery – powered scooter. The device is controlled by the rider’s feet, standing on the built-in gyroscopic sensor pads. At first look, one might be discouraged to use this smart electric scooter, but with a little practice

Top Budget Smartphones in India under Rs 5,000 for 2017

In the Indian market, Chinese smartphones have created a great buzz by providing high specs at pocket-friendly prices thus leading to a wide range of products. It becomes a bit contradictory to choose between so many brands with different features and technology varying in their

wireless printer

Top 5 Wireless Printer for your Office & Home

Printers have evolved from those clunky devices that were slow and had abysmal output capacity. Today’s Printers are sleek and well-designed full of amazing features ranging from a touch screen based interface to the ability to scan and also copy in one sleek device. With

SmartWatch Buyer’s Guide | How to Choose the Right Watch for You

With the fast moving world and everyone trying to save time, smartwatches are one of the solutions available, buying guide but before you buy the best smartwatch for you, we present buying guide of the smartwatches. What is a Smartwatch? A smartwatch is a computerized